Fundraising Details

Earn Money For Your Group-It’s Easy!

The Short Version

• REGISTER using the Contact Form

• GET a promo code that links your sales to your group

• SHARE the code and flyer we give you with family and friends

• RECEIVE a check after the event in January

The More Detailed Version

Our Fundraiser is meant to be an easy, painless way for your non-profit business, team, group or organization to earn money on an event that friends and family already go to, while giving them a discount code to save money on their purchase.

  • Send us an email through the Contact Form
  • We will contact you and confirm the status of your organization
  • Once your status is confirmed, we will send you a unique discount code, a pdf flyer with your code on it, and helpful instructions for sharing your info on social media and other ways to promote.
  • Distribute the information to all your members and start sharing it with friends, family and acquaintances. Email, print and share your code with people, and every time they use it you receive a percentage of the sale. The more you sell, the greater percentage you get.
  • You can get a report of how you’re doing any time.
  • After New Years, we will confirm your status and contact info and mail you a check.

For every ticket purchased at using your unique promo code, your non-profit will receive a cash-back donation. PLUS, every Main Event and VIP Ticket you sell is $5 off the going price on our web site, so you cannot lose! The breakdown is below:

Sell 1 – 24 tickets – $8 back per ticket

Sell 25 – 49 tickets – $9 back per ticket

Sell 50 – 74 tickets – $10 back per ticket

Sell 75 – 99 tickets – $11 back per ticket

Sell 100+ tickets – $12 back per ticket!

For more information please contact our Fundraiser Coordinator at