An adult Fairy Tale Ball inspired by the fairy tales, adventures and romantic stories, we all dreamed of when we were children. Princesses, beautiful maidens, Princes, knights and villains will be brought to life to create The Ultimate New Years Eve Experience.

This all-inclusive party is Too Big, Too Sexy for the City!

CINDERELLA’S BALLROOM– Hot Tub Limo in this classic room! Huge Balloon Drop at Midnight!
Just Added! GLASS SLIPPER LOUNGE– VIP-Only seating area right off of the dance floor of Cinderella’s Ballroom. Includes VIP bar and food right in the middle of the action!
RAPUNZEL’S CASTLE– Exclusive VIP Entertainment with Duffy and Ro, drinks, and a magical 11th floor view! Golden Hair Optional.
THE KING’S CHAMBERS– VIP Food, VIP Drinks and Exclusive Live VIP Entertainment, plus a Huge Balloon Drop!
THE KING’S KITCHEN– VIP Food, VIP Drinks adjacent to Enchanted Forest Lounge
CLUB JESTER– Live Specialty Entertainment
QUEEN’S COURT-Our Ever-Popular Karaoke Lounge
QUEEN OF HEARTS CASINO– Free Chips and Win Prizes!
THE KNIGHT’S STEED – Dance Club with a mix of oldies, club mix and house music
THE PRINCE’S TABLE– Lobby area with food, bars and more!
ENCHANTED FOREST LOUNGE – VIP Drinks, Food and comfortable seating arrangements, adjacent to The Queen of Hearts Casino
THE ICE CASTLE CHILL LOUNGE – Live Acoustic Acts and comfortable seating. Sip wine and enjoy great entertainment.
RED CARPET ZONE – Get your pictures taken on the red carpet!
ARIEL’S OUTDOOR LOUNGE – A convenient patio with heaters adjacent to Cinderella’s Ballroom. Look for the Cigar Concierges table to find a great selection of the finest cigars for your enjoyment. Live a little!