A Royal Renaissance Ball

Get ready for an adventure and join us for a slightly surreal re-invention of The Ultimate New Years Eve Experience. The mystery and romance of the Renaissance comes alive, Renaissance-era characters will fill the party zones, mingling with American people watchers, dancing to great music, enjoying delicious food and exciting beverages, celebrating New Years among friends from the Renaissance and from Baltimore! Look for Queen Elizabeth I of England, Leonardo DaVinci, Nicolaus Copernicus, William Shakespeare and Charles V of Spain to be making the rounds.

This all-inclusive party is Too Big, Too Sexy for the City!



CHATEAU FONTAINEBLEAU - An iconic French castle, one of many Renaissance-era structures built by King Francis I, with a live rock band! Huge Balloon Drop at Midnight!

KING HENRY'S BALLROOM - His Royal Majesty Henry VIII invites you to his ballroom, with DJ Dancing, a huge midnight balloon drop, and much more.

GALILEO'S SILENT DISCO- Dance with 3-channel headphones and a complete disco vibe. Wild, different, unique.

QUEEN'S HOUSE KARAOKE-Karaoke was very popular during the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England, and this karaoke lounge has all the current hits and oldies to sing along. We suggest signing up early, the list fills up quickly.

KING HENRY'S TABLE- Lobby area with food, bars and more!

BOBOLI GARDENS- An iconic Florentine Garden outside the Pritti Palace, home of the Medici Family in Renaissance Florence.

THE ROYAL FIDDLER – A quaint country Cafe - walk by or sit and sip wine. King Henry VIII has been known to frequent here. Either way, enjoy great entertainment in our open air plaza!

RED CARPET ZONE – Get your pictures taken on the red carpet!

MACHIAVELLI'S OUTDOOR LOUNGE – A convenient patio with heaters adjacent to KING HENRY'S TABLE. Look for the Cigar Banna table to find a great selection of the finest cigars for your enjoyment. Live a little!


KING OF SPAIN BALLROOM- An opulent ballroom with VIP Food, VIP Drinks and Exclusive Live VIP Entertainment, plus a Huge Balloon Drop at midnight, by order of King Charles V of Spain.

RED LION TAVERN- Busy country tavern with VIP food and drinks plus exclusive VIP Entertainment with Duffy and Ro, and a magical 11th floor view.

EXPLORER'S GALLEY- VIP Food, VIP Drinks adjacent to ENCHANTED FOREST. Paying tribute to Columbus, Cabot, Vespucci, Ponce de Leon, Jacques Cartier and other Fifthteenth century adventurers, the Galley will be filled with the finest food found in the New World!

ENCHANTED FOREST – No Royal Ball is complete without inviting all the magical figure who dwell in the Enchanted Forest. The Renaissance is a time of changing beliefs about science and mysticism, so we best not forget our enchanted beginnings. VIP Drinks, Food and comfortable seating arrangements, adjacent to KING OF SPAIN BALLROOM.

DA VINCI'S WORKSHOP- VIP-Only seating area right off of the dance floor of KING HENRY'S BALLROOM. Add VIP food and bar and you'll see why Leonardo spent so much time in his worksop!

THREE JESTERS- A new addition to our VIP area! A comfortable lounge with tables to eat, drink and enjoy Close To Normal, our grunge/post-grunge act. Adjacent to ENCHANTED FOREST.

DRAGON'S LAIR- An exclusive roped-off area inside the CHATEAU FONTAINEBLEAU with tables and VIP bar. Easy access to the dance floor.

Party Zone Floor Plans

Download these floor plans before you arrive to have the entire party at your fingertips!
New Years Eve Party Zone Floor Plan A
Party Zone Floor PlanB