Not only does your ticket include all of your drinks and food, but it also includes entertainment from some of the best performers from Baltimore and around the world!

2017 LINE UP!

Hot Tub Limo joins us for a high-energy rock show filled with dance tunes, old favorites and the newest hits. Perfect for new Years Eve!

Appearing in Cinderella’s Ballroom

Check out their web site.

In the same vain as “Mr Bowtie & the Three Piece Suit” – DJ Infame with his new musical ensemble bring you a breath of fresh air in your night life experience!

With a over 15 years behind the turntables and some of the areas greatest musical talents, this band is guaranteed to rock your NYE function!

This group is made up of 4 members. DJ Infame – dj extraordinaire – who not only is an talent to be reckoned with on the turntables but a great emcee is the leader of this group. On bass – just off tour with Dru Hill, Mike Saunders providing that low end thump to keep everyone grooving. To mix things up we have area saxophone superstar, Will Spence on the horns. He is not only a solo act and bandleader in his own right – but a great addition to this ensemble. Last but not least we have Davon McCoy – who is a multi-instrumental percussionist – with flair of Shelia E or Tito Puente – Davon has a show stopping performance and is very interactive with the audience – guaranteeing your audience will be intrigued and engaged the entire night with our group of stars!

The band’s repertoire spans 50 years of music and all popular genre’s of music guaranteeing a wide variety of music for your audience. More over this band hasthe ability to take requests unlike a lot of bands! This is the ultimate crowd pleasing party experience!

Appearing Exclusively in the The King’s Chambers (VIP Only)


DJ Candy D is not only a stunning model , she is also one of the best female DJ’s on the east coast. Perfect for New Year’s Eve, she is the ultimate entertainment package; Candy knows how to get the party going with her outgoing personality, sexy looks, and amazing DJ’ing skills.

Appearing in Cinderella’s Ballroom.

Ro Younkins, a multi-talented, gifted musician began her career at 15 years old as the lead female vocalist for “Ashtin Golt” a premier mid-Atlantic show-band, and after a 20 year stint, began a solo career playing country music.  Ro brings an accomplished, soulful, and dynamic vocal talent to the country music she was raised on and loves.

East coast guitarist, Duffy Kane (Freedomtrain Records), recently released his latest CD “Deadman Walkin'” which reached #8 on the billboard blues charts.  He has toured America since 1987 and has been described as “an American original” of “international caliber”.  Kane is an American guitar stylist of exceptional ability.

Together “Duffy and Ro” blend the styles of modern country, Americana, and traditional American music into a mix of beautiful vocal harmonies and well constructed guitar duets while  bringing new life and a fresh perspective to tunes of yesteryear. Their music is sure to inspire and warm the heart of any listener.

Appearing in Rapunzell’s Castle (VIP Only) on the 11th Floor

DJ P Drama is already a trendsetter, already a star, already known as your favorite DJs favorite DJ, and well ahead of his time. 

Hailing from Queens, New York, P Drama’s outspoken, ambitious, and creative persona has allowed him to breakout of the local tri-state scene. He was the personal show DJ for Sony Music Group Artist Ray Cash, and currently the DJ for former Bad Boy Records artist King Los. He also has been inducted into the “Party Boys” DJ Crew, known throughout the US as well as “The Core DJs”, which is a national DJ organization consisting of over 1200 DJs.

He has residencies in many cities up and down the east Coast, in L.A., and in Jamaica.

Featured in the The Knight’s Steed Disco.

Visit P-Drama on Facebook or his website.

Appearing in the Ice Castle Chill Lounge, Leftstronger is a popular original rock band performing their tribute to the Seattle grunge scene acoustically. Perfect for chillin’ near the wine bar, or bring in your favorite cocktail and enjoy authentic versions of Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and other 90’s favorites.
See Left Stronger Live HERE
Confident and talented, dubbed “Baltimore’s Gem”, Lady Mysterious will spin disks in the VIP Ballroom before DJ Infame & The Famous Funk Trio. Performing 9:00pm to 10:30pm.

Appearing in The King’s Chambers (VIP Only)

Check out her website HERE

This is the hottest entertainment in the region! Create digital graffiti art using digital spray paint cans! Start out in photo booth mode with you and your friends posing for a picture that gets loaded onto a giant 10′ screen. then start spaying, but with no mess, because it’s all virtual. Change colors with the click of a button. Once finished it prints out as a souvenir of the evening. Free to guests.

Located in the Queen of Hearts Casino.

You get free chips to spend in our exclusive casino with Blackjack, Craps, Money Wheel, and Roulette. With professional dealers, all provided by Pedestal Events.
Captain Dee-Fense Ravens Superfan
Our #1 Ravens Superfan is back and ready to take pictures, talk football, or just about anything else! See his Facebook page.
The Amazing Josini is just what the name implzies, “Amazing.” His unique blend of magic, ventriloquism, singing, acting, comedy, and creative versatility, has made him a favored entertainer for conventions, night clubs, cocktail parties, embassy and congressional parties, colleges, commercials, opening acts, stage shows, family shows, talk shows and trade shows.

In December 1988, Josini made his national debut on “Showtime At The Apollo.” Josini also recieved a proclamation from Baltimore’s Mayor, Kurt Schmoke for his thrilling performance on T.V. and for his work as a positive role model in the Baltimore City schools.
Facebook Page

DJ Paul has over 200,000 songs in his massive Karaoke Library and is a regular at Charm City Countdown! Appearing in The Queen’s Court after 11 pm, he will let you sing or just watch the fun!


Appearing in The Ice Castle Chill Lounge after midinght, Alan will take you into 2017 with smooth jazz sounds.